Automotive design and engineering

Twenty years working for the most important brands in the world. From the concept to the street, at Uzzia we are already working on the design and engineering of more than 30 models.



Industrial design / Reverse engineering / Product and / or detail engineering / Reconstruction of complex surfaces, from 3D Scan and / or Cloud data / Design and development of specific dies / Production monitoring and assurance.


Parametric CAD tools and complex surface development, class A. / 3D scanning / Cloud Data / Prototyping / 3D printers, laser cutting, water jet, etc. / Providers network.

Rezvani Beast

Design, Modeling & surfaces reconstruction from Cloud data, class A, detailed engineering & carbon fiber lay-up tooling design. Surf A body skin, re Surfacing, in order to correct matching skin data, with Donor car & Surfacing quality. Rear Swing door, Roof Leds Bar, Shut faces, Seals, P 1 Line, handles kinematic interior trims. Tail Lamp. Assemblies & tooling Design.

Client: ARIA Group.

Gaucho 4x4

Design, ergonomic, reverse engineering & technical drawings, follow-up of first series production. Monitoring & Execution technical OEM Parts sheets, on air-launchable military vehicle. Argentina + Brazil bi-national project.

Clients: Argentine Army – INTI


Mechanical Design, 3D Modeling, Development and Reverse Engineering, tooling & prototype interiors assemblies Parts.

Client: ARIA Group


Reverse engineering, design and 3d modeling, matrixing, development & production monitoring on the COATL Concept prototype.

Client: Lamborghini Latin America.

Hyundai HCD14

Design engineering on Front Grill, IP cluster, Steering wheel, Center Console, Door silk plate, side Garnish, Badges, Side Mirror. Especific Tooling for different constitutive process BOMs, & Mech Assemblies.

Client: Aria Group, CA

KIA GT4 Stinger

Design enginering on HL/Fog Lamp, Front Grill, wheel/Rim, IP cluster, Steering wheel, Rear suspension cross member. Especific Tooling for differents contitutive process & Materials, BOMs, & Mech Assemblies.

Client: ARIA Group, CA.